Monday, July 18, 2011

Virginia Beach Vacation July 2011

My last runs before Virginia Beach were rather painful as my groin pull was fabulously emphatic about how much it was damaged. I managed through them fine, but they were not enjoyable at all. However; at least my calf muscle wasn’t hurting me.

I got to Va Beach ( as they say in the States) on Saturday around 11pm after having left my Toronto departure pad at 9am, so a Sunday run was not in the cards. I did run Monday morning. I got up bright & early and was out the door by 6:50 am. I ran from 60th Street on Atlantic towards the Interstate. I stayed on Atlantic until it became Pacific and continued to run. I’m always wary about running in something other than a straight line in a city I do not know. I’m paranoid I know, but I have a underdeveloped directional sense from time to time. I continued to run up until 15th Street and then turned around. I didn’t have my garmin but by this point my groin was starting to twinge. I had seen Trish in the week and that helped immensely & I was not going to mess with that. So I turn around and headed back. And let me tell you something – IT WAS EFFING HUMID by 6am. I was drenched before I got to 40th Street.
Now I have no idea of how far I actually ran – and if I was a keener I’d use Map My Run to figure it out, I ran 50 minutes out, I used my cell to track my time, and then back. I know I took a bit more time on the way back as I had about 2 more quick walk breaks, but dang it was humid.
I got back to the house at about 1:47 mins which is a 16-18K run depending on my speed. So I was okay with that.
My next run was on Wednesday morning. I was out the door around the same time but it was even warmer. So I ran to 24th Street and back, dripping in sweat the whole way. I had sodium tabs with me as well but holy crap!!!!!!!
My plan was to run on Friday on the beach, it was a 6k stretch from where we get on the beach to the end. I figured I could tack more on going the other way as well, however….. I was reading “ The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and was at some of the freaky parts when I went to bed. I scared myself so badly that I couldn’t run on the beach in fear of being dismembered and pitched into the ocean.
Yeah… so erhm I didn’t. However; I’m estatic with the fact I did manage to get a few bargoons from the U/A store at the outlet mall in Williamsburgh. Some tights & a sports bra – My favourite one too! Yippee it’s my favourite one EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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