Friday, August 5, 2011

My bad... Ack... Need to catch ya'll up.

My goodness I can't believe it's been so long since I was able to blog about the running that's been going on.

Let's see.. hmm... Tuesday nights are suppose to be trail running nights - sometimes I can make it, some times I can't. When I have managed trails the last few times it's been STINKING HOT... so I can't bring Mika with me, it would be cruel. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get home on time (traffic during July has been awful) I quickly took the dogs out for a walk & wouldn't you know it Kees gets skunked. ACK. Then last couple of weeks I don't get back home until gone 5:30 and then after I take the dogs for a nice walk inthe woods it's well past 6pm. I have an obligation to them & during the extreme heat they were not getting quality walks & Mocha needs them. The other two get terrorized if she doesn't.

Wednesday runs - have been going well, very well. I've got a good tempo going and sometimes I get a gaggle of runners following me. As much as I love the company, I do have to strike out on my own. A couple of Wednesdays nights ago I was running with a teenager - holy crap she ran my pants off. I need more of that. I have to ask Trish more about her so I can team up with for tempo runs - it felt good!!! Note to self... ask Trish. :)

This Wednesday it was a challenge to get to Barrie. I left work an hour late due to work issues. (blech) and had to get to a meeting with Jeff Moyle the race director for the Barrie Half Marathon, I'm his newly appointed Race Volunteer Co-ordinator & we just wanted a meet & greet. Spit ball some thoughts and brain storm a bit. Then at 6:30 we mosied over to the Running Room to schlep our wares. I didn't even have time to go home to get my running stuff first, so no running for me. We hung around the store a bit and chatted. Then I had to race off back home to take care of my puppies.

My speed work has been hit and miss. I got a late start on speed work due to traffic & only managed about half an hour of speed work then I had to jet off to take the recycling bins etc in for my g/f that is away & check on their amphibians. Then zoom home to take the dogs for a long walk - Mocha needs the work out. A tired puppy is a good puppy. Then to wash and change to get Chelsea & make it to the movies.

My Sundays are really EARLY morning runs. Like 5am & head down the rail trail for 30km runs. that way Shannon & I are back by about 8:30 - and she can still spend the day with the family, church etc. I can take the doggies for a walk before the bad heat & then spend the day doing all the things I didn't have time over the course of the week.

Crazy busy. I also have to incorporate a hill training night. I might do this Friday night & use Leacock since it is the closest to me, I can run there for a warm up and then pick my poison as it were as to how far up it I wish to run, just for the sake of adventure.

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