Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday.. la la la la...

I'll tell ya something - it was a great day for a run yesterday. I woke up Sunday morning to Mocha vocalizing her displeasure at being in her crate when her pack of hounds were out and about. So I let her out, feed, toileted and played with her for a bit, then got my running gear together.

I decided to wear my pink breast cancer running skorts - but I forgot to put on the glide. My somewhat "muscular" legs have a habit of creating friction when I run so now I have road rash on my inner thigh. AGGHH! That stung like a bastard when I finally made it to the bath last night. YIKES.

After much debate (internal) debate I decided that 24 km was not in the cards. I'd rather have a successful shorter distance. My ITB was very sore yet even just walking. At the RR I met up with Cindy & the gang they were doing 10k. Well that was way to low for me. I want to build my mileage so, nothing less than 16 really.

They had a 16 map on the counter so I grabbed one. Trish did as well as did Jenny. SO it would be the Scotia bank Marathon 2009 all over again. Sorta. I ran with Jenny for her first full marathon and really had to help her the last 12k, but she got it done.

The route that we had was good in as much as it took us out and back, however; the fact that every UPHILL that could be added to the "back" part was added with vicious delight I'm sure! I didn't have my Garmin so I wasn't sure what pace we were doing at any given time. Jenny had her iTouch or iPhone hooked up but I don't really trust them. The calibration comes unglued. I usually can tell by my breathing what pace I'm running & what her technology was saying & what I was feeling were two different things. However; we tried to keep it at a comfy 6:15-6:30 pace.
We started up Owen - Worsley & kept moving up and over. And I do mean up. We ended up coming out by St Vincent and going UP. Then Duckworth, UP Georgian. Penetang Rd. Down Crestwood UP Johnson. Across Steel (which is up) Blake, down Vancouver. Kempenfelt Dr. on to Dunlop. Then UP Mulcaster, Collier and down Owen.
I said screw Mulcaster. No friggin way.

It wasn't until the last 750 meters that I decided that I was going to walk. My ITB was humming a very unpleasant tune and I had no desire to cause any issues. Trish was happy to keep me company on our walk back.

I think we lost about 500 meters by cutting out Mulcaster - but I don't really care. LOL.
My ITB is still tighter than a duck's backside.
Trish said she would be okay doing a bit of ART on that baby. I'm using the roller as well, but nothing like a good old fashioned thumb in your ITB pushing out the kinks to make it feel good.

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