Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Victoria Day

Oh I know some of you are saying " But Joan, Victoria Day was a couple of weeks ago what are you on?"
I'm not talking about THAT Victoria Day... I'm talking about MY Victoria Day. It's Wednesday night & as you all know by now that's run club night.

I put the new puppy in the crate, she was some tired. I walked her for an hour and she was POOPED. Then when we got home for the walk, I wouldn't let her sleep more than half an hour. So hopefully tonight it's a full night of puppy dreaming.

Right so back to the Running Room. Trish wasn't running at 6:30, she was going later with Fred, fine.. I'm sure Cindy will be there. No Cindy. The usual elite gaggle of runners were at the back taking up space. Then I saw Steen, Lisa & Victoria & Ang. They were all going to do the Bus Run which is 9.3 k. Up some pretty nasty hills as well. I wasn't overly jazzed but I thought give it a whirl. The object isn't to keep up to them, just to keep them in view.

So I reluctantly said yes. Whined from Owen Street until Mulcaster and then put on my best run face.

We got to Vancouver and instead of cutting over to Shanty Bay we kept on Blake. Apparantly the front three shaved off some distance and hills and we were now doing 8k & cutting out Crestwood. God bless them each and everyone.

I had a bit of trouble going up Vancouver - but I kept going slowly. Then up Puget, slowly. Over to Napier. I could feel my body readjust to the slight incline rather than the all out hill. My speed started to increase and I passed Ang.

Then turned up Nelson and I caught up to Victoria. Now Victoria is a lovely lady, I adore her. She & I made my duvet cover & pillow shams together. We get each other. We've had lots of great discussions, she's a clever clever woman. With a great heart. Victoria qualified for Boston her first Marathon & has qualified last year and this year. She's a great runner, so keeping her in my sight would have been grand, but to actually be able to run with her & hold a conversation without puking was such a rush for me.

Now I'm sure she slowed it down a bit, regardless, it was such a great feeling to be able to keep pace with her. My breathing was calm. My feet were flying.

We got back to Fred Grant Square a good two minutes (or more) before Steen, Lisa & Ang.

I'm pumped.

My calf didn't even bother me (much). I'm about to ice it though just in case.

I'm very happy.
I'll take my roller ( well Trish's roller) to work and try to get two mintues on it there. I can't here with all the canines running around. It'd be a disaster.

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