Monday, June 20, 2011

The week in review.

Wow – I can’t believe that I’ve missed so many blogs? What is the world coming to when you are so busy at work you don’t have time to update your blogs for your peeps? I’m telling ya, it’s craziness!
So Thursday last week Kevin & I did 2000 meters in the pool. I miscounted all but one of our sets. Either I was over or I was WAY under. At one point I was 100 meters off. That’s 4 times the length of the pool, how in heavens name do you make THAT kind of mistake? Generally my brain is thinking about 40 different things at one time or preoccupied with flights of fancy. At any rate we did 2k in the pool – way to go Kevin!!! A milestone for him.

Sunday was a run to remember, remember to forget! Saturday night I had attended the engagement dinner for James & Angela at the Urban Dish. The vegetarian option was gnocchi with wild mushrooms in a sauce. I happily ate the gnocchi as I had no idea what it was, the sauce although it was cream based was very yummy & being lactose intolerant I tried not to have too much of the sauce. It was so delicious.. the sauce unfortunately had about 39 times the amount of garlic that I can consume without gastric issues. Then Scott Googled gnocchi and I found out that it was an Italian dumpling made of flour *groans*. That’s three for three. This did not bode well.
I was in the loo from 5am onwards. So by the time running was going I was pretty sure that my distance was going to be whatever I could muster. My legs we wooden, my veins carried lead, my eyes were sewn shut & I didn’t dare to be too far from a loo. I managed to run 2k out of 6. However; I was able to appreciate all the beautiful houses on Napier St & the cardinal that was singing in the tree following who was me for a few blocks. I think I managed to walk 4 k and run 2. It was sad. Very sad.
Last night at the Trails it was a completely different story. I was running the good run. Keeping a decent pace and having a great pain free experience. We did our usual 9k route. The steep up hills are still a bit of a challenge and I’m still okay with walking them when I have to. The roller coaster was very good bar the back up from other runners so I’d wait at the top of the one hill I had just crested while waiting for the runner in front to get to the top. Mika was running with me, she had a great run, stayed with me the whole time. She’s such a good girlie. Not keen on the mountain bikers going by though. Aahh well. She loves her trial runs.
Tonight was a struggle compared to yesterday’s run. My legs felt like they were inflexible & made of carbonite. It was not my best run. I barely made it 6k. I think I still have to get back into the swing of running back to back nights. I’ve babied my leg so much that I only ran a couple of nights a week. So I’ll have to get back into the swing of things. I think a couple of weeks and I’ll start getting that feel back. I had better, my training starts shortly. YIKES.

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