Monday, June 20, 2011

A very good run for a June morning

I had a lot on my plate for a Sunday. I was going to my nieces dance recital in Toronto, doing her hair & her makeup prior. Then afterwards, taking my Mum back home to Niagara & then driving back to Barrie. So I needed to get an early start on the run & so with that in mind I headed of around 7:30 and decided to do the highway run. I wanted to get as close to 21 km in as I possibly could.

There was a chill in the air but I threw on my favourite tank top on and slipped my compression sleeves on my calves, filled my water bottle to the brim, adjusted my shoes and clammered into the Tribute.

I oiked myself out of the vehicle, clicked on my water belt and my happy attitude and headed off to the path. I was hoping to do 5 k & 1 minute walk breaks, however I had to settle for 3k & 1 minutes walk breaks. I haven't regained the 5&1 ability yet. Probably in about 2-3 weeks I'll be back on target.
I kept at about a 6:08-6:20 pace as much as possible and as I rounded my way onto the first concession what to my wondering eyes should appear but a completely tarmaced surface!!!!!!!!! I said thank you the WHOLE route. It was so wonderful!

Going up the hill I did walk with the intention of starting hill training this coming week. Start with three hills and go from there. I've had enough of this, I need my strength training back. I may not start by running Berczy Street (for those that don't know Berczy is a 75 degree angle [Ithink, I'm not much of a mathematician]) I may work on a longer climb - lesser grade hill. I'm sure I'll do it, in fact I KNOW I'll do it.

I got to just past the 9 k mark when I decided to turn around. I had only done 6 k last Sunday and 4 of that was walking, so I figured doubling plus two is a hefty jump in one week. Next week though it will have to be 23k. However; back to the 9 k mark. I took a couple extra walk breaks until I could get my mental game back on the tracks. I crossed over the 5/6th road and was back on the new ashpalt & it was like a energizer. Before I knew I was at a 5:36 pace going up the hill towards the stop sign to get on to Ridge road to head back into town. I ducked down towards the path, I had no desire to run UP any hills. I plodded along at about 6:19 nice and easy to finish my distance.

I got 18.5 in and then managed to take the daughter and all our doggies to the land fill for another long walk.
I got to Toronto with time to spare, managed to get the hair done and make up on my neice. She was the best looking Grade 1 there. If I do say so myself!

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