Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Attitude - Good Run

Oh man was Wednesday a rough day. You hit 45 and all bets are off. My hormones are up and down like a rollercoaster. Stupid endocrine system, I could kick a door some days. Thryoid pills only work when you take em, and then it's a battle to figure out the right doseage & then hope to God it doesn't change at all.
Which mine does - every 6 months. Grrr... It's fustrating. My memory is gone cause of it. Yesterday I was a blubbering mess. Seriously. But I went for my run, figured it would be the least I could do.

So I pulled my CW-X's on - man are they comfy womfy. I love 'em. A lot! And they make my butt look nice!
My running partner Cindy was a no show, so I just stuck to the plan I had. Church Run backwards - no breaks. Well... I lit out of the store - up Owen over to Collier in double time and by the time I got to Theresa St - I was fairly winded, and going up a 85 degree hill ... I walked. My mental game came tumbling down. *sighs*
but back at the top of the hill I started again in ernst. Got to Napier and I LOVE Napier its a couple of K of nice straight flat running. I felt like I was having a panic attack .. my chest was killing me. I tried to figure out why in heavens name would my lungs/chest be hurting so much. I'm not paniced or anxious... Could I be having really hot sex? No... certainly not... Then I checked my Garmin. 5:35 pace. THAT would explain it.

I figured I should slow down so I could finish the next 4 k, but the old body wouldn't slow down. My lungs were burning as I ran down Puget and once on Blake street I just couldn't slow down.

Some car honked at me for running on the road. Wow, how original. Then a bunch of kids on skateboards were boarding on the street, that's probably who he was honking at. And what a mistake to be doing that but it didn't stop me from trying to catch up to them.

Oh well. I met up with some other runners coming off of Kempenfelt Drive - passed them ( Hurra) and turned down Simcoe street. If I keep on Dunlop then the distance isn't quite 6k. I have to run around Fred Grant Sq a number of times.
I got in at 35:52 - 3 minutes quicker than last Wednesday's run. Same route.
I was a tad please.
My leg started hurting around 4.78 k mark and is a bit tender this morning.
I'm off to see Dr Macksey in this morning so its good to show him where the pain is exactly.
Fingers crossed.
Sunday run here I come.

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