Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for my lost shaker of salt

I need a salt lick or something tonight. I was a mess. A wee blonde mess.
It took me two hours to get home from work, the roads were a thick sheet of ice. Then walk the dogs for half an hour - back by 6pm throw my gear in the dryer for 10 minutes cus I forgot to hang it out Sunday.
Forgot to charge the garmin ... *sighs*
Forgot to charge me. *double sigh*

Last night's work out really worked the fiddle out of me. OH MY GOSH. and as I was running up Theresa ( mistake #1) I felt the tank steadily deplete of fuel. Then I missed my turn off Dundonald onto ... whatever street St Mary's is on. I was lost in thought, so I had to turn around... added about 200 m to the run. ACK.

Then half way through my run ( and I know this cus last week I meet up with other runners almost in the same spot and it was 3.06 km) and it was my very good friend Lucille and a runner I knew not, Ron.
So I joined them and headed back the way I came. They were doing 10 & 1's and I figured why the heck not, it's better than giving up right?
So this was exactly what I needed; some company to keep me motivated. We managed to keep a pretty decent pace. I tell you that Lucille has come on leaps and bounds in her running! So on to Duckworth, that road I missed, Theresa & down the hill - we were taking it all in a great stride.
up Bercy to Mulcaster a quick walk break and then lickety split back. That last half was so much better!!
Since my Garmin was uncharged and therefore unhelpful, I had to rely on Lucilles. She had it clocked at 35:xx for 5.62 k and I reckon I was a bit more since I added that extra distance and I probably took off about a minute before them. So I was probably 2 minutes slower, but as I was told this morning - those days will happen.

And you know what - I'm okay with it.

I've also figured out that I'm not feeding the fuel tank enough. With the work outs I'm doing I need more carbs & I'm not doing that. So time for this lactose intolerant, gluten sensative vegetarian to sort out her carbs. Google here I come!!!

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