Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Phew... found my black running undies - they were in my swimming/cycling bag. Right where I thought I left them. Thank goodness.

So I did yoga last night; my half hour Reebok yoga mat work out. I can't believe how tight my muscles are already. I've not been regular with my yog. FINE FINE... I've totally skipped it the last 4 weeks. Maybe even 5 ... there ya happy? Yeeesh.
I'm not sure why I stopped. Probably just feeling depressed about stuff in general. So I gave in to the dark side.

At any rate - that knot I've had at the back of my calf for the last week or more has finally shifted thanks to the downward dog. My god that pose is the best!!! I can work my entire lower body ( and upper). I'll be more regular with my Yoga. Monday's for sure. Maybe Friday evenings as well& Sunday after my long run. Sounds like a plan.

Well here's the agenda for tonights work out.
30 minutes hills on the bike (stationary)
20 minutes core
200 m warm up
4x25 m - 40 sec
4 x 50 m - 1:10 min
2x 75 m 2:00
200 m cool down

Pls don't send flowers to the funeral home. Pls send donations to the Help silly people who work out with Theo Bosch fund.


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