Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why not give it a whirl

Well I figured it was about time I started my own blog. I mean I blog the BRR blog to death when I run, so might as well blog my own blog to death about getting ready for runs / races. I shouldn't say races as currently I'm under Doctor's orders. The most I can do is a half marathon, but with out sounding glib, I can pull one of those out of my ass if needs be. I wanna do marathons again.

How did this all start?!?

*cut to a dream type sequence where the back ground gets all hazy and such*

Well I suppose it started shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. Man that freaked me out, seriously. I was diagnosed with multifocal papillary follicular carcenoma. Thyroid cancer, Thyca for us in the know.
Stage 2. Completely treatable - 95% success rate after 5 years.
Still hearing the biopsy report was surreal. I cried walking back to my car. All the statistics I read on this came crashing down. Oh shoot.. yep. It's real.
So you pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you figure out what's next. I had already been running for a couple of years, and had run several half marathons by then, logically the next step was to progress to a full marathon. I wasn't exactly ready mentally for the challenge, and I wasn't sure if I could physically. I mean the one thing I counted on, my body, had let me down so grieviously ( as ludicous as it may sound) so I signed up for the Marathon Clinic through the Barrie Running Room. I managed the clinic just fine - but didn't race the goal race. I stuck with the half marathon.
Then I signed up for the NEXT marathon clinic to actually run it, I did my first ATB 30k in prep. Which was fanatastic.
I signed up for the bus trip to Ottawa to run the marathon - my first.
I managed it fairly well. 4:55 - coming in some what injured. I was hobbling. Perhaps that was the start?
But I was bitten - well and truly bitten.
I then did two half marathons, several 10 milers a 30K race and then the Scotia Bank marathon. I ran that as a training run & to help another runner with their first marathon. So time wasn't an issue. We came in at 5:11. But I really felt good & prepared that day. It could been a 4:30 I'm sure of it. But... sometimes its' about other folks. Right?
Then I followed up with the Toronto Full marathon a three weeks later finishing 4:43. Then the Niagara Falls Half marathon & finally the Road 2Hope Marathon in Hamilton - finishing 4:40 then the Slainte 8K ( I got third in my age category yahoo) and the Jingle Run 5K in December.

And then it was off to Florida in January to run the Goofy Challenge and a Half. You run the half marathon on the Saturday and then the full marathon on the Sunday.
I remember I was heating and icing my calf muscle the whole time. And that was where the pain started. I could ignore it after Hamilton. I blame the down hill portion on the Red Valley Parkway. A C K!!!

So after ignoring the pain as much as I could, I was having to cut my runs short. Then elevating & icing my calf muscle. So finally in desparation I went to see my good friend Trish who is a PT. She felt a rip in my fascia... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! Ackkk. So I took just a titch of time off - Trish taught me how to tape my achilles & I started running again. Slowly but surely. Then when I did the Niagara Ultra - Half Marathon I was on my way back when I felt an aweful pain in my foot. I had to hobble in. Turns out I had tendonitis. So after taking 6 weeks off from running, I started back with a 10K run in Haliburton. *whacks head* hardest 10K in Canada.
Then a 5 Peaks 12.5 enduro trail race, and a 30K race ( Midsummer Nights Run) all with some pain.

* cut back to the here and now*

I figured Trish can only work so many miracles. I went to see Dr Macksey on Bell Farm Road here in Barrie. Turns out my soleous is frayed now. So I have to "listen" to my body OMG does he KNOW who he is talking to? I haven't listened to anyone since the 80's - after I moved out of my parents place.
FINE FINE... I'll behave. I want to go to Boston. I want to ... I really want to.
We won't talk about what the BAA have done to my hopes... we'll save that for another post.

So I'm doing my exercises that were Rx for me. I'm swimming and cycling with my bud Theo. He kicks my ass big time. I've never thrown up in a pool, but he's working on changing that. *gags*

Spring is coming as well so that means some speed work. I'm not sure I'll sign up willingly for any of KevO's torture workouts, they are amazing, I've gained a lot from his Speed Demons group ( while I wasn't injured) but I'm just not willing to damage myself yet. So I'll have to rely on the kindness of a friend to kick my ass in some just for Joan speed training.
So between cross training and running - I'm hoping to get myself to a place where I can actually race in the fall at the USAF Marathon in September.

This blog is to help me train, let me track what I'm doing and thinking and recovering; as well as perhaps entertaining some of you.
I'm an accident waiting to happen and at some point you'll hear me say " Oh shoot, sorry that was me" as I trip past you.

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