Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If I can't feel my legs does that mean I'm done tonight's training?

OMG... I have never come close to tears on a stationary bike, after a particularly gruelling run yes, cycling no.
Tonight I almost did. That has have been the most difficult cycle yet.
My quads were screaming at Theo half way through. We had the tension up to about 7-8; and you wouldn't think that 4 minutes is a long time, but it truly is. Every time it was turn up one notch. Turn up another notch. Out of the saddle and up a notch. Don't move your shoulders ( no bounce) when out of the saddle. I thought I was going to pass out.
I couldn't even talk to tell Theo how much I disliked him at that point in time. My legs were on fire.

The funny part is once I was off the bike with in a minute or so, the burning was gone.

The core work out was great. My daughter was at the gym at the same time doing the Step Class. And was done at the same time. So she helped me with my lower core work out. We used to do this one at boxing all the time, and awesome thing was she joined in.
You lay on your back - someone stands over you foot on either side. Grab their ankles for stability and then bring your legs up keeping your back on the ground. Your spotter pushes your feet down with force and you have to control the drop and don't let your feet hit the floor. Then bring your feet back up and do it again. Front and both sides. I did three reps of 10 each.
And the Boss man was chirping that I had more to do... so more core. crunches etc.
Then some stretching using my Yoga from the night before.

Off to the pool for our drills. ACK.
It was actually really manageable. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting stronger or what, but i was able to keep up with Theo most of the time. When we were doing our 2x75 - 2:00 I actually beat him by about 4 sec. (sshhh don't say anything) I did the 75 m in 1:30 each time. So I got a 30 second rest, yeah.

The 4 x 25 m were really manageable. I just find it hard to push off from the far end of the pool. Not sure what.

I also tried a different method of breathing. I'm actually rolling more and able to take deeper breaths and that is really impacting the swim in a postive way. I'm going to keep doing this and be aware of my form until it becomes second nature.

I really used the 200 m cool down to cool down. 100m arms only and then the last 100 slow deliberate strokes.
I feel good.
I feel really good.

Off to bed so I can be up before the birds.

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