Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Run or 9K the Theo Way

Well I got my oatmeal in me at 6am with fruit, honey, cinnamon and a couple of raisins. Hmmm nothing like breakfast in bed. It would be awesome if it were not me getting out of my bed to make it but hey... it's all good.

Got my poop on a scoop by 7am - started hunting around for my running gear. CW-X's ( still the most awesome running tights I've every had EVER) my UA sports bra ( again the best EVER) my running undies, ( couldn't find the black ones though.. ruined the black theme I had going, but luckily I wasn't wearing them outside on top of my running tights) compressions sleeves for my calves. My toe socks ( again the BEST EVER). I couldn't find my pink ribbon head band, it's gone AWOL so I grabbed my NYC Marathon one my mitts & my NYC Marathon jacket. grabbed my saucony's and was out the door before 8.
Started my Garmin and headed off to the RR.

My "plan" was to run 12.5 k but well really I didn't care what I did as long as I ran. I've been feeling quite fatigued of late. Probably the cycling / swimming I do on Tues/Thursday nights. I grabbed a 10K map and justified it by saying. " Two weeks at 10K get the distance down pat with no aches & able to run with only one break" .
And generally there is no one running what I'm running, which is fine, that means I can do my own thing and not have to worry about trying to a) either keep up or b) slow down for someone else.
Once there and getting ready - Theo & I started to chat, he got talked into doing the 10K with me... slowly... ahahah in stead of his recovery 8K. well for him slowly for me it would probably be at top pace. However; I had a long discussion with someone I respect emmensely from the running world and it was suggested I start running with folks faster than I to help me with increasing my pace. So the challenge of running with Theo, quite frankly, was an opportunity I could not pass up.

We headed out towards Kempenfelt Drive - and we decided to just head out to Thunder Bridge and back, that was 10K and we didn't have to think. Then after some more back and forth I opted for the bus run. I felt we should stick to Theo's 8k as much as possible since he had Rotterdam Marathon on April 10th. No sense in pushing back his recovery.
So the Bus Run is about 9k. Just perfect.

Up to Shanty Bay - up Crestwood. And Crestwood is my Waterloo right now. Ack. I didn't take my puffer so I was gasping for breath - I had to walk a couple of times going up there. I didn't fret over it as my soleus still gets sore on the uphills.
Then over on to Steel, I didn't have the breath to tell Theo to turn onto Baycrest... so I got a few moments reprieve to pull out my puffer and suck back some of the precious inhalant held there in. Aaahhhh... sublime breath. Then off we went ... by the time I could see the stop sign for Cook Street I was in dire need of a rest, but Kevin's "run through the pain" kept surfacing. Dammit. So after a quick ( and I do mean quick...) break it was more running. Theo and I were in a good cadence together and that made running so much easier. It's harder when your steps are off. I really rely on rythm so this was awesome.
A few turns, cross over Duckworth... traffic was in our favour the whole way... DRAT!!! argh.
Over and across to Wellington - clip clop clip clop. Then came the "hill" it's not that long of a hill but it's a significant grade. A little encouragement to pump my arms and I was right behind my running partner.
Down Peel lickety split and on to Sophia a quick turn on to Owen and the horse was out of the gate, the last km I really was able to push it, and back to Fred Grant Sq. 54 min. exactly 6 min/km. ACK!!!

So I've been assured that at some point the cycling & swimming will pay off - my legs won't feel like lead & I can only assume I'll stop feeling so fatigued as well. I can't wait for that to happen. I would really like to get my Marathon time down to 4:30:00 this year. I was also thinking that perhaps ashpalt is not my friend. I may try my hand at trail races. I've really enjoyed the runs I've done as part of the 5 Peaks series. Who knows. I'll think about Limberlost & even The Bobcat Trail Marathon. ( though the cut off is 6 hrs... it may have to wait a year til I get my trail legs... we'll see)

I'm off to heat my leg - my calf is a bit tight. I could feel this start as I was going up Crestwood. Double drat, but it didn't pain me to any point where I couldn't run. So more stretching ... Which means Monday Night is Yoga night now.
Tuesday / Thursday I'll add core into the mix. Just means off the bike 15 mins sooner. (aah shucks) ahahah...
Til the next post...
have a glorious day my friends.

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