Thursday, March 31, 2011


Thursday night - cycle & swim and I just wasn't there mentally. I'm having an off week folks. It happens even to me. Yep Yep Yep. I got to the gym and on the bike about half an hour early. I just kept it easy & breezey. Theo arrived on time 7:15 - and off we went - good cadence - low tension for half an hour. Kevin came in for the last 20 minutes or so. Theo worked out a strategy with me for my race on Saturday & none of it started with me doing a 5:03 pace ... more like a 5:30 til the first hill - 6:00 up the hill then back to 5:30 until the last hill I should be there by 48 min. That gives me 6 min to get up the hill. I'm down with that. Oh and a warm up run of about 500m ... never done that, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try. Then core for 20 minutes - again my heart wasn't in it, but I did it. In the pool for 1000 m. I was working on some new techniques I was researching this morning so I wasn't going very fast as I was trying to tighten my core and stretch my body as far as possible to keep my back end from dragging in the water. So I was about 2oo m behind Theo when he was done. But again- my heart just wasn't in it. I shouldn't swim in my own lane when I'm like this. I dawdle. I was also using my flip turns about 90 % of the time. That puts my breathing off a bit so I'm trying to adjust with that as well. They say to do the flip turns in the pool to better simulate open water swimming as the flip keeps the swimming contiguous rather than getting to the end of the pool and having to turn around ... etc. Good logic. So I was working out some kinks, but still I should have stayed in the lane with Theo to actually put in a decent work out. I really feel like I dogged it today. Maybe the cycling is getting easier? I know I was dogging it in the pool. And then when got ready to leave I realized that I forgot to bring track pants/yoga pants what have you to change into. So it was either my stinky work out clothes or my stinky work out clothes, I opted for the stinky work out clothes. Then home for a spot of food. Pasta stuffed with Porcini mushroom & truffles. with some lactose free sour cream for protein. Also a titch of melted butter and parmesan. Now bed. Maybe just maybe tomorrow will be a good day.

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