Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double huge sigh - Hill night on the bike, drill night in the pool

So after an excuriating day at work one filled with disappointment, frustration and an all around feeling of mmmeeehhh, I arrived home armed with the knowledge I'd be on the bike doing hill training SITTING DOWN and drills in the pool. Luckily Theo conceeded and allowed for a bit of out of the saddle training. I don't know about any of you out there in blog-land but those bicycle seats are NOT comfortable at all. They hurt and are uncomfortable in places that shouldn't be uncomfortable. I completely understand the need for chamois in your shorts. COMPLETELY. So hop on the bike ... warm up ... turn the tension up and off we went. Up the tension again. and out of the seat for a minute. No bouncing either, it's inefficient and uses up energy. Plus it makes your thigh burn like they are on a 4 alarm fire in Niagara Falls NY. Accck. Back down tension up. sitting down, then out of the saddle, no moving the upper body, two fingers on the handles while keeping still. MORE BURN. Back down tension up again. ACK. Half an hour of that. I had sweat dripping off me in minutes. Like my body is anticipating the work out. The salt from my sweat was stinging my eyes. gggrr... and OWIES. I was quick to point out that it was sweat in my eyes causing me to tear up & not the work out or my day... not yet at least. Then on to core for 20 mins. I just wasn't there mentally. I got a decent work out in, I could have tried harder on the side plank, but didn't. Then down to get changed to go into the pool. Boy did I have to use the loo. And wouldn't you know it - the ladies from the aquafit class came in and one lady hurtled past me ( which was no small feat for her size) and dove into the stall. The other one was occupado by someone CHANGING... Ladies... We have all know what breasts look like --- GET OUT SO I CAN PEE.. no chance so I turned in disgust and walked out. Into the pool for drills. 200 m warm up. 100 m catch up 50 m fists 50 m paddles 2 x 25 m under 30 secs 2 x 50 m under 60 sec 100 m flutter board thigh reach 100 m finger tips 50 m cool down Okay swimming with a flutterboard between your legs like a sharks fin and rolling so your finishing stroke touches the board aint that easy. HOLY CRAP. well at least the turning around when you get to the wall, but I suppose I could have taken it out from between my legs ... oh whatever. Teaches you to roll really well. The swimming is great - the new breathing technique is really working well for me. Theo and I were "racing" when doing the timed drills & we were neck and neck. I managed to get a few seconds on him with my flip turn though. Tomorrow is running night. Church run backwards. fingers crossed on the hill going up Theresa, it's good practise for Saturdays' Harry Rosen Spring Run off - 8K race. okay... my food has digested - somewhat. Now to wash the clorine out of my hair & bed. Another day awaits me tomorrow.

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