Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Night - Cross Training

Ahhh what a day. I took a vacation day to spend it with my little niece. She was at Snow Valley for her last day of skiing lessons. First I headed to Dr Mackesy for my follow up to check on my progress. The soleous is healing very well. I'm actually following the Dr's orders. I do have tightness in my calf, but he said stretching should take care of that. I am free to do 5 - 10 k races even a half marathon if I really wanted to. I would, but I'd rather make sure that I'm completely healed before I tempt the fates.
So after the Dr. I headed over to Snow Valley to wait for my neice. My Brother in Law runs as well, so we chatted about up and coming races we were going to do. The changes in the BAA qualification times. (Bastards..) Then after lunch we headed to the movies and enjoyed a nice bag of buttered (layered) popcorn.
I got home around 4pm and dutifully started tidying up the house. Tonight was Thursday night and that means Theo has me for two hours to whip my butt into shape.
So on the bike for half an hour - Theo's in recovery mode the the bike was relatively easy. 30 minutes good tension and go. Then we did about 15 minutes of core. Damn, I forgot how much that hurts.

When I did boxing we did A LOT of core work. I do miss boxing, it was such a great sport for me. I could actually get it & do it well. But I digress.

So I'm sure I'll be feeling that in the morning. I should actually do more core than I do.

Then off to the pool for whatever distance Theo feels is appropriate. I'm such a follower. LOL. I don't care really, I'm glad to have a partner in crime. Theo's far stronger than I am, but I'm only 1/2 to 3/4 of a length behind him.
So Thursdays we dedicate to distance, Tuesday is our other cross training night and that is for drills and technique.
So hopped in the pool, frigging freezing .. again. Damn, I'm not sure if that's suppose to make you work harder or what. bbbrrrr.
It was 1200 m tonight due to the fact I didn't go last week. Phew. So 100 warm up. Nice and easy.
Then a ladder of 150 - 200- 300 - 200 - 150 with 30 second rest period between "rungs" I actually felt really good swimming tonight. I think I could have done at least 200 more meters.
After my 100 m cool down - I was a bit tired, but I'm sure if I had strapped on a pair of fins, and did legs only and some sideways kicks I could have easily pumped out a couple hundred more.

But, 1200m is okay. I have to get back to 2000m. Hopefully I'll get there in about 4 more weeks. Increase by 200 m every week should do it just fine.

Well I've had my steam broccoli and brown rice & hard boiled egg. I'm off to sleep so I can get an earlier than usual start to my day. With any luck the lightening is still happening and I can snuggle with my poepies and watch the sky.

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