Thursday, March 24, 2011

The night I cried on the bike...

That was tonight.
When Theo bbm'd me this afternoon and told me we were doing cadence, I said sure that sounds fine.
Hopped on the bike at 7 and had a nice slow warm up until Theo showed up at 7:14 ... Had my sports watch as instructed.
Then came all the instructions - count this in 15 seconds then multiple by 4 for your cadence per minute then find the square root of an isolese triangle using only a peice of string and a penny. I mean really? I'M RIDING A STATIONARY BIKE... no one said anything about having to count and do math.
I get really anxious about that stuff too much at once... throws this girlie off.
So right back to cadence. I had to smack my hand on my leg on the up to figure it out. 21 smacks in 15 seconds. Not bad...
THEN I HAD TO TURN THE TENSION UP... I was working at not moving my upper body so only my legs were working... the burn was intense. I had to keep the cadence the same for 4 minutes or how ever long Theo said.
I was sweating in minutes.
Then the envitible happened when I have to do math - I get upset and cry. I was working so hard to keep still, trying to count, keeping time & trying to forget my troubles of the day.
I had to turn it down half a turn, I couldn't keep the tension up. I had my head down, sweat pouring off me and I was so disappointed I started tearing up.
Then I just kept telling myself " Rome wasn't built in a day, this is something you will have to work up to". Didn't make me feel a lot better, but it did it's job.

Off to the annex to do core. Man I wish Chelsea had been there. The lower leg raises work so much better when you have the push off, you work with gravity. Oh well.

Then off to the pool for 1100 m.
1x100 m warmup
3 x 300 m straight swim
one minute between sets. ( I knocked it down to 45 sec)
100 x 100 m cool down.

Fairly easy.

I kept miss counting the 300 - I think it was around the 225 mark that I kept goofing up. Oh well, I just had to speed up and add them.

I thought my leg would bother me as durning last nights run up Theresa I could feel it going.
When I turned back with Lucille and Ron to finish that way, I definitely felt it. However; after more careful scrutiny I realized it wasn't the soleus it was that stupid knot in the back of my calf that was starting again. GGRRR... so I stretch that puppy out. Seems to be okay today.
But I do have to take the hills carefully.

Sunday will be 12K. Theo wants to run again with me. WTF??? 6min/km, I believe he mentioned the hospital run, so up Crestwood (blech) to steel, johnson to Georgian, to Duckworth, Rose, Davidson and some dipsy doodles. I better take a gel and several Halls. I can see this will be a challenging run. AGAIN.

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