Thursday, May 19, 2011

And then there were three

Ahhhhh so after much angst about getting home on time, as I had left work an hour late, I manged to find the best traffic on the roads for 420pm and got home almost at 6pm. I couln't get the dogs out for a walk before running so... they got a stretch outside in the back garden whilst I changed for running.

It was a bit muggy out so shorts were in order & a short sleeve. Donned on my compression sleeves and a pair of socks and off I went.

I didn't ride my bike as I wasn't fancying getting caught in the rain, so I got to the RR with little to no decision on my route. I really wish I could remember the full Industrial Run route - Sandra & I did some of it on Sunday on our way back. Maybe I'll drive it on Saturday and just mark down the names of the roads. yeah yeah that's the ticket!!

Trish showed up along with Fred since he is going to start running again. We quickly decided the Church run backwards was okay. I hate Fred a lot. He ran the 6 k with out breaking a sweat and he's been off running for 2 years! Ooooohhhh..gggrrr..

It was a rather uneventful run - Trish was strong, Fred well I'm not talking about him ... I've said my peice in the above paragraph I can say though, I did tell him how much I hated him. He was at peace with that. AHAHA.

We ended up taking longer last night than last weeks run. I put it down the longer walk breaks we had. That's the only reason because our pace never fell below 6:02 when we were actually running. Most of the time it was sub 6 mins.

I'm also trying to still figure out how to train my lungs to breath at fast paces. I just can't seem to figure that one out folks. It's not sressing me out, but it is causing me some moments of distrubed pondering. The Respericare that I have is something that I should be able to take & it work immediately one doesn't have to take it accumulatively. But a lot I think is the fact that I'm a bit too tense still, I really need to relax more.

hmmmm... how to do that? Focus more on the breath like with my yoga? I'll work on that kids & get back to you.

The compression sleeves helped keeping the pain at bay. The run felt good that's for sure. However; I didn't ice my leg as per my usual routine, I walked the dogs when I got home from running as it was still dry & it was still light out. They are so funny those two. I hid on them behind a tree & Kees panics. He couldn't find me & I was down wind. Poor little sod!! Mummy was teasing him. Mika figured it out and turned around to sniff out a better object of interest. ahahah.

P.S Have a great Wedding Day Katie!!! All my best! xox.

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