Monday, May 23, 2011

The long weekend... *sighs*

Ahhhh it was so nice to know it was a long weekend. Mmmm.. I really needed it after the week I've had at work. I do need to start my meditation again, but I am NOT at peace with my offices in the USA. I'll get there. I know I will.

A little meditation, some chants for wisdom & compassion & I'm sure I'll be right as rain.

I hopped it to the RR as I was running a tad bit behind ( seems to be a trend doesn't it) Oh well.
I got there and I think there was less than a half a dozen folks there. Gave Angel her well deserved pat & a big old hug.
I grabbed a Gu and chugged that down as I did NOT eat properly on Saturday night. Not even close to properly. Sandra came in and was interested in running with me again. I was planning on doing about 15-16k but had no idea of a route. Angela C was all interested in coming out as well so Sandra was in charge of the route & it was determined we would head for the 5/6th side road and do some dipsydoodling from there.

We were sub 6min / km which I thought was a bit quick for me, but I muddled along. We turned on to the 1st line rather than stay on Ridge Road... drat...friggin hills. But that seems to be the way with Sandra & I - we are off on an adventure.
I had to walk that hill on the 1st Line I didn't think it would be wise to run it. Then out onto the 5/6th Back towards Barrie. We stopped to walk so we could enjoy the nesting Herons. It's truly amazing to see the nests in the trees and these huge birds on the edge of them. I was planning on going back in the evening but alas the fog I live in ... I forgot.

Then over to Johnson, onto Hickling, dispsy doodling all the way back towards the centre of town. We somehow ended up on Oak & we were at 14.5k YEAH... a few more dipsy doodles, onto Owen and i could see the barn door!!! We did 15.5 in 1:40 our best pace was 3:59 ahahaha I wonder what hill we were running down. Our ave pace was 6:27...

I was thinking as I got to the 10k mark that I'll never get the Womens Only Half done. Then when I got to the 13 K mark I was debating not even going at all & giving the space away. by the end of the run I was almost convinced that I should, I couldn't see me racing that with any confidence. Then I remembered that it was going to be just a run, I wasn't going to race it no matter what folks say. It's an open course in Sunnybrook park. I'll be dodging strollers, dogs and slow meandering folks. My time isn't going to be important, it's going to be doing the distance & not causing more injury.

My calf doesn't get any worse durning a run, I can feel my ITB tightening so I'm going to have to get a roller for that & a bit of ART to loosen up the tissue. Man that's going to hurt. Who's going to volunteer for that!?!?!?! ahahaha

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