Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another day in the woods ....

Ahhhh what a glorious day, I managed to hold my tongue at work & keep the folks down south happy. Could it get any better? Why yes it could!!! I'm a gunna go a trail running tonight! YAHHOO!!

Got home in great time, took the poepies for a "quick" walk came back, got changed and loaded Mika & all my water bottles etc in the car and arrived at the forest with a few minutes to spare.
The crew showed up - most of the usual folks. Sandra, Terry, Jen, Leslie, Lucille, Lorna, Glen, Kelly, Trish & a couple of dudes I did not know. One was Neil the Bastard & the other Alex. ( I think)

Mika was beside herself with glee; a run in the woods and time away from Kees. She was in her element, tear assing through the woods back and forth between the front of the pack and the back of the pack to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Then she settled in beside me or behind me for the run. It felt like I had wooden beams for legs. Though when Sandra asked me how I felt after Sunday's run I said I probably could have done a few more Km but happy with the result. " yeah yeah sure Joan, you say that now" ahahah.. that's true, but looking back I think I would have done okay tacking on 3 more. As long as it wasn't up hill. LOL.

So I managed to keep mid pack or the at least the back of the front of the back. Or front of the mid of the pack. LOL. Trish and I traded spots back & forth. A few more stops that I would have liked on occasion but we were waiting for the back packers. I know I appreciated the others waiting - so I know why it's being done. And I stay inthe middle so I don't get lost!! ahah

I felt my calf ache a lot, but by the 6k mark it had subsided enough that I didn't really notice it. Or perhaps I just got used to it? hmm.. At any rate by about 4k we hit the end of the first section and crossed over Nursery Rd to get to the "roller coaster" that's always a good test of strength. I had commented to Sandra I could really feel the lack of strength training during Sunday's run, but I'm not ready to tackle hill training as of yet. So running up and down the roller coaster was good practise. I even managed the last steep incline well. No stopping except for at the top.
Then out of the woods a K later and only 3 more to go. Sort. The trail back to the car park always feels shorter for some odd reason. I mean much shorter than 3 k. But in actuality it's the half way mark. We finished off at 9k last night. The second half i just love because we generally come across all the mountain bikers and get to stop more often but for briefer periods of time. Just enough for me to give Mika water from her water bottle. She drinks it as I squirt it to her mouth. She's a talented doggy!! That girlie was a running fool! She was great. Waited at the road when told, crossed when told. She's a sweet little girlie.

I think at one point we were running 5:53 pace. I mean seriously?? Gawd!! These are the trails people. STUMPS, ROOTS, STONES not a good combination with blonde, however; even though I found 3 stumps/rocks/roots I managed to stay upright.

We had one woman down within the first 2.5 k and luckily there was no serious injury, just some embarassment.

Got home and steamed up some asparagus from Barrie Hill Farms, made a Hollandaise sauce & a few fried mushrooms. Yummy... Missed the carbs but I had no desire to cook anthing more than I had.
I'll get some in me today! Promise.

Tonight - a quick run as Chelsea is getting her new puppy tonight.

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  1. That's the kind of run Bill would like. He enjoys trail runs more than on on pavement/asphalt. Take is easy though lady ;).
    Stay inspired!