Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take me away Calgon

I tell you I have the fortitude of a blowing leaf right now. I have this desire you see, a deep burning desire. I urn and urn and urn for this simple pleasure. Above anything else it gives me the deepest satisfaction.... *sigh* Some nights I even dream about it.

Ohhh get your minds out of the gutter.

C-H-I-P-S. plain chips, flavoured, baked, Kettle cooked,I love them all. Excepted all dressed. My favourite brand is Lays ( you can't eat just one) and then any other kettle cooked brand.

They've been my weakness the last 4 weeks. Well they are my weakness all the time but trying to move out of this injury FUNK has created a somewhat unexplainable fixation on potatoe chips... oh why oh why must you taunt me & tease me with your deliciousness? WHY WHY WHY????????????????

So I had a very long think & chat and basically you get out what you put in to something. So I have to shift my mental game away from the chips. How Now Brown Cow?? Really ya think?? Ohhhhhhhhh poop!! I have to reign in my insatiable desire for them. Dang nabbit!!! That's going to be hard.

Now what does this have to do with my work out? LOTS... that whole garbage in - garbage out theory has to do with fueling the old bod for workouts. Chips maybe carbs - but yeah.. when it's your entire calorie base it's not so good.
So as I was sitting on the sofa last night - shaking my fist at the heavens for letting it rain on Trail run Tuesdays. ( Theo's out on the road speed training right now. Which means either spin/swim alone or go out on the trails)

So I flipped on Glee ( I've seen maybe 5 episodes in total) ran upstairs put on my work out clothes, grabbed socks, shoes and pulled out the elliptical.

Off I went. I looked at the tension and said "2??? that's it????" and flipped it to the highest tension and started again.
I was concentrating on form a lot. I wasn't letting my shoulders move unneccessarily & boy could I feel that burning my quads. So I was on the elliptical for about 45 minutes at the highest tension. SWEATING... and you know what? It didn't even bug my calf muscle.

I was dripping in persperation even after I stopped. It was never ending almost. I grabbed the cold pack from the freezer strapped it to my leg and relaxed. Then I put it on again for while just before bed, rubbed on the anti inflam cream & it's feeling rather good today!!!

So here's working on NOT succumbing to my chip fettish today.

I'll remember how good that work out was... Ohhh I won't cut them out altogether but I'll certainly be tackling the frequency that I give in to this temptation.

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