Monday, May 16, 2011


Seems I've missed a day or two, so ya'll be reading a bit of everything:

Thursday - Swimming. I decided to pass on the cycling because I was behind the 8 ball. Traffic coming back from work was stupid busy so by the time I got home, walked the dogs & tidied up a bit, it was very late. Cycling for 7 would have been stressful to get to. So, I just kept myself busy and arrived at the pool for swimming. Kevin & I were going to do a ladder 150-200-250-200-150 then some sprints warm up and cool down. We did about 1150 m. I cut the sprints from 4 x 25 m to 2 x 25 because I had nibbled on something before I left and it was threatening to reappear in the pool. Never a good thing. This is why I never eat before cycling or swimming or even running for that matter.
I did beat Kevin at the sprints - by about 2-3 seconds. Made me feel good! He's such a freak! LOL. BLess his little heart!

Saturday - God I set my alarm, well I didn't even have to set it, it's always at 4am, so I could get ready and help Joe with his epic run and back to Wasaga Beach. Bill and Catherine had bowed out the night before. I was all set to let Bill take on all the duties of support as I wasn't sure they needed my help just for two folks. When Bill opted out - I couldn't do that to Joe. It wouldn't have been fair to him. His wife would have come out and checked on him periodically, but in my mind I'm always thinking "what if". I know how I feel when I'm on long runs.

So I arrived by 5:10 - after hitting snooze 5 times. LOL. I kept thinking it was a week day! pppfftt ahaha.
I was greeted by several surprise runners. Well hey it'd be great if there were some surprise support peeps then!! Victoria, Donni & Keith showed up. I could see a big gap in distance between some of the runners.
And it was wonderful when Brian C showed up to do some support. He kept the front runners in sight & I kept a watchful eye on Joe.
Then when Victoria & Donni hit 30K Brian took them back to Barrie & I was trying to figure out the logistics. Then Steen arrived! The man of the hour!! He could keep the front runner in sight & I could once again keep a watchful eye on Joe.
Who knew you could get to Wasaga from back roads.
Joe made it to Wasaga & decided not to continue back. So he & I kept an eye on Keith, who made it all the way back to Barrie. 50 miles in total. Not too shabby. Almost 10 hours in the car though. ARGH.

Sunday - It was run day. I had decided on 12.5 k & I had the map in my head. Up Sunnidale, Letitia, Leacock, Fox Run, Edgehill,Spoule, Miller, Tiffin, Lakeshore done.
Sandra figured she'd like to come along & a couple of other gals, but luckily they didn't like my route, so they went their own way. I turned on Shirley rather than letitia so we had to do a bit of creative running. No biggie except that we were going UP the big hill. ack. Walked that one. Then we weaved our way onto Edgehill and kept straight to Miller. I had originally wanted the pace to be around 6:15 - 6:30/km. So that I wouldn't injure anything (seeing as my anti inflam cream is still AWOL)- ahahah. yeah right. Our pace averaged out to 6:30 with the walk breaks we took. They were somewhat extended but so what. We were running into the wind at an average of 5:50 - 6:02/ k. I was a bit winded (no pun intended) but it felt good. Sandra doesn't do 10 & 1's which was super for me. We picked a spot and we'd walk. First was only 3 k in.
Then at Miller. Another walk break on John. So three in total, but they, as I said, were longer than I normally would have walked, though I'm complaining. I needed it obviously.
We turned onto Dyment, Brock, John and then weaved back to Fred Grant Sq. for a total of 12.53k
A nice cuppa tea afterwards with Sandra, Stef & Thomas & back home to do all sorts of stuff around the house. Yeah.

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