Thursday, May 12, 2011

Backwards is the new black

Right well this is attempt #2 at writing this blog. Blogger had a few technical difficulties this morning.

I had planned to ride my bike down to the Running Room in an attempt to save on petrol. With these prices, every little thing I can do to minimize usage is a good thing. However; I couldn't figure out how I was going to take my running gear with me, cause I couldn't imagine strapping my running bag to my bike anywhere. And I was fixing Chelsea something to eat so I was running a titch behind. (big frigging surprise there eh ladies?)

And then on my way I drove past Theo & Lisa T on their bikes & they had BACK PACKS on to carry their stuff. OMG.. seriously? I have some horrific cerberal hiccups that that has to rate right up there! Geezzzz... d'oh. And the worse thing about it is that I'm sure I did the backpack thing last year... I'm a blonde through and through.
Next time.

So I had been ping ponging a few routes in my head. The one I really wanted to do was the Industrial Run, it's flat but I could only remember parts of the run. Like turning right onto Victoria Ave then the first left or do I keep going straight and then.. screw it. Church run backwards!!! It's the new black!! ahahah

Trish was bringing Natalie so we wanted to keep it easy as Nat hasn't really run since last year. So off we went and low and behold there were 6 other runners joining us. Heu? And yep complaining about Theresa. Listen folks as much as I'm flattered, ya'll can walk where & whenever you want. I walked up Theresa. Trish did, Nat did. You wanna run, knock yourselves out.

Walked crossing over at Duckworth and then on Puget and again on Blake. And I was okay with it. I didn't have any moments where I said HOLY HANNAH that hurt. No stabbing pain, nothing more than perhaps a dull ache on my calf for a bit and a bigger ache on my knee where Angel whacked into me.

That still hurts like a SOB. Oh well at least I didn't damage my knee at all.

We had a jaunty little pace going on Blake heading back to the store. I tried very very hard not to run with Lyndy. I was so tempted, but I hung back and slowed down. We did 6k in 38 minutes. It's a good recovery pace, so it seems to agree with me right now.
And now all I need to do is figure out what the heck I did with the anti inflam cream I got from the doctor. I had it Tuesday night after trails. Now... I have zero clue. None. Nada. I am drawing a blank. I'm going to have to ponder this one. However; I am certain it will be in the last place I look.

Then off for a tea with my good friend Tom and get his take on the Sweep of Orange in Quebec and how he's handling the demise of the Liberals. I still love him though. LOL.
had my tea in front of me and went to put a tip in the tip cup and dropped it into my tea instead. OMG..a ahahah.. ahhhaa... pppfffftttttt.

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