Friday, May 6, 2011

Sadly the last "gym workout" with Theo

I managed to get to cycling 15 minutes late. No praise for all the times I'm there 20 minutes to 30 minutes early... noooooo... never. They only remember when you are late. Buggar Buggar Buggar.

Oh well, life carries on I suppose. So it was an "easy" cycle. Just high tension and some cadence. Yeh.
Corework out & I did lots of stretching - I can feel my quad as tight as a wound up clock. I may have to go get a massage. I thought it was my ITB - but it's too much in off the from the side to be an ITB. So much stretching. And owwies...

Off to the pool. Yeah. 900 meters of drills. 100 warm up. 100 flippers. 100 tickle the toes in front of you. Sounds rather kinky if you ask me, but the idea of it was arms only and keep only a finger tip away from the person's feet that is in front of you. Theo and I took turns. Think he was getting fresh? ahah NOT.

Then 100 m of drills. in 25 m stints - one length of the pool in XX amount of time. Theo was 25 seconds I was 22 but I pretended 25. I know I'm bad. Then it was 50 m in 50 seconds or under. I beat Theo again. I kept it close. LOL.
The second set I was just about to do my flip turn and I was whacked in the shoulder by the swimmer next to me as he was turning doing his butterfly stroke. I got a mouth full of water and I was knocked off my turn and spit up water. I didn't make the turn around. I was heaving over the ledge trying not to throw up. Luckily no one came to my rescue. *rolls eyes* But I suppose if I'm coughing I'm not choking right?

Then another 200 m of swimming and we called it quits. This was Theo's last Thursday in the pool. He's on his bike from now on & cause I only have a KICK ASS mountain bike I would not be able to keep up with him on his road bike. So I'll be back in the pool on Thursdays for sure.

I'll just have to make a little training package for myself. I'll lonely though. No Theo to add that extra bit of pressure to push myself that much harder. I'll manage. In the next few weeks I can head out to the marathon training and partake in their Thursday night runs. Maybe. We'll see. I really do love the spinning/cycling.

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