Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some things just don't work out

I managed to get out of work at a decent time - got home at 5, lots of time to get changed & get the dogs ready to go to the trails.
I pulled in the drive way & noticed my neighbour had cut my front lawn.
He was out so I thanked Dave for doing that. See my lawn mower is in dire need of having the blade sharpened. It's duller than Stanley Kubrick movie.

I tried to remove the blade last night but my wrenches were either to big or too small. Dang nabbit. So this was a treat, the dandelions were starting to annoy me.
I asked to borrow a wrench & after a few unsuccessful tries found the one that fit, a 3/4 wrench. Dave took off the blade & started grinding it with his grinder. It wasn't the worlds best job but hey it was sharper than it was 10 minutes earlier.

With that I looked at the sky & decided that chores around the house were far more important than going to the trails. Sad but true.
The rain wasn't going to hold off forever and if the grass got any longer in the back yard I'd have too weed whip it like I did a few times last year. That was not fun.
So between cutting the grass, I was on doggie do do patrol as well. I turned the mowing into a core work out as best as I could, it kind of helped sooth the fact that I was missing my run. Not a lot... but a weeeeee teeny tiny itty bitty bit.

And another great thing I was able to plug the electrical cord into the outlet on the back deck. Jim D had come over several months ago and helped me figure out what the heck I had done to my wiring to make a few of my outlets non-functioning. Who knew that extra wire attached to the wrong point would make the light switch turn all the plugs on & off... who knew? NOT ME!! Any way it was a good laugh for Jim & I & all his electrian buddies no doubt.

The grass in the back is now at a respectable height. I got my weed pully thingy out as well and started to pull the major dandelions that had sprung from out of nowhere back there. I'm not happy. I'm going to let them grow a tad & then get my "haakje" that I inherted from my dad & hack them out of the ground.

This weekend I'll have to clean the "dog pond" out for Kees. He's dying to have his wading pool cleaned with fresh water in it I'm sure. Spoiled dog. It's supposed to be for me to have a nice little fish pond. Not a pool for a pooch. ACK.

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