Monday, May 9, 2011

Ever have one of those Sundays?

Mother's Day started at about 5am. Meh. After taking care of the hounds dietary & "elimination" needs I crawled back in my trusty ol' bed. At 7:50 I rolled out - grabbed my gear and headed off to go for my 10 - 15K run with Sandra.

However; upon arrival I was informed that Sandra had joined TfB for his 10k in Oakville at the Mercedes 10K Race. Ahhh well... I'll figure something out. Cindy was willing to do 11 k with me. Just what I needed - slow and steady.

Unfortunately both Cindy & my body had other plans. Cindy's hip was stiff/sore from her trip back from Big Sur in California, doubled with the driving to the airport in SF. & back from Buffalo.
Me? My excuse ... My ITB was starting to hum. Or was it my quad. My calf was actually doing okay. MY thigh was tighter than a guitar string. *groans*
So our 11K turned into a Je Ne Sais Quoi. No clue ... but that's okay. There's always the next run.

So I know to go and get my stick out and rub that bad boy into shape. It's even doing a few hums right now.
What's up with my left side? It's always the same thing.

I best go get that sorted with a very vigirous massage! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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