Thursday, May 5, 2011


I got home late (again) from work & quite frankly the dogs didn't care one jot!! Imagine that?!?!?!. Hmmm so much for their concern. ahah. So off we went for our walk, ran into a group of doggies, I was set upon by a pug - jack russell cross. What a cutie... took all my doggy treats and left dusty paw marks on my trousers. LOL.
Finally made it back home, found my running gear & discovered my Recovery Socks are losing their compressionistic abilities. Drat. I'll have to look into more. BUFFALO HERE I COME.

Made it to the RR by 6:30 so I figured I might as well just start my run, I hadn't planned to run with anyone so I didn't do anything dumb, like set a stupid pace.. again.
I headed down the trail by the waterfront and managed an okay pace. 6:02 then I had to think myself into a slower pace. I finally got it to a 6:29 pace and while watching my shadow I worked on form.
It was awesome.
I never really thought about doing that before. I managed to keep my arms straight, my shoulders relaxed and the movement minimual through my shoulders.
Before I knew it my pace crept back up again.
So more vigilance in slowing down.

I got to the fence and my plan was to walk when I got to the fence, but I didn't have any pain and my pace was "slow" enough.
So I headed back. Again focusing on my form. Arms, midfoot strike, shoulders, bounce, pace.
I did feel a tick of pain abour the 3.72 mark, so I slowed down a titch, it didn't increase so I kept on going.
I had runners in front of me & we all know what that does to me... well I kept completely focused on trying to match my pace to theirs and NOT zip past them. The ladies had stopped for a walk and only then did I manage to over take them.
Apparently I even knew them.... Way to deep in thought to even realize this until they tapped me on the shoulder as they ran with me.

I got to the 6:33 mark switched off my Garmin and checked the time. 40:37 so it was 4 minutes better with no pain to speak of.
Plus it was a contiguous run. Which is awesome.

Did some stretching at Fred Grant Square & figured before the clock strikes midnight and my leg turns into a pumpkin, I should head home and it the ol' ice pack treatment. So iced - hot bath - iced & antiflam cream and a good old snooze all before 10:30. Not bad.

I'm very very pleased with that run! WOOT WOOT...

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