Monday, May 2, 2011

Up and Att'em

Lord - please let me sleep in today. Amen.

Nope - the dogs were up before the crack of dawn, as is their routine. 0400am is NOT all what it's cracked up to be by any stretch of the imagination on a weekday & even less on a weekend.


So I crawled back in bed and drifted in and out of sleep until about 7:45. Then it was do or die to decide on going in for a run. OH WHY NOT... I got to the store as the "morning" announcements were being sung out.
I was still uhming and ahing about distance, route and pace.

I threw up my hands and started my Garmin and headed out the door. As I passed close to Casa Cap I figured TRAIL... so I ducked down Fred Grant Square and headed behind the buildings to get to the trail. I figured why battle traffic.

I nipped onto the trail and started my mental check list. Breathing, in check. Pace - spot on. Distance - Fence & back - 6k, acceptable. I had no music in my head really, just replaying the events of the day before at the Pick Your Poison Ontario Ultra Series race at Horseshoe. I was working the timing table with Kim & Ken.

I happened to notice runners in front of me, so the old pace started to pick up & next thing I know, I'm 6:08/km. Not exactly what I wanted. Dr Macksey said WALK, JOG, RUN my way through this recovery. I figured jogging is too 80's so I'll just say "run at a slower pace". That I could do. I caught up with the LTR group & chatted with Stef & she picked up the pace very nicely for about 500 m. Good for her, she's got some gumption in her. Yahoo Stef.

I stopped to pet the cat that was flaunting itself on the trail. One must always stop to appreciate an animal asking to be noticed. Less of course it's about to eat you and then I'd say discretion is the better part of valour.

Off I went and passed a few more runners on their Sunday morning run, several walkers & our own RR walkers.
Keeping my pace to about a 6:30 was more difficult than I had anticipated.
It's not at all easy, but I could feel my calf "burning" for lack of a better word. So once I got to the turn around point I decided that I should take a walk break. Fiddled around with my jacket as it was getting warmer than I anticipated, but with the cool breeze I kept it on so I didn't get a chill.

I passed Tigera on the way back, she's out and about training for Mississauga. Drat I wish I could run that. Ahh well. Patience is what is required in mega doses right now. So I wished her much success in her full & carried on. My pace was back up to about 6:10 so I took another walk break to try to slow myself down.

Man oh man... some days it's easier to get hit by a tree branch then to stop the pace your body wants to go to.

So for 6.33km I managed 44mins. It's that double edged sword right now. I looked at my Garmin and my heart sank I'm used to 34 mins on a hilly course. I should have been able to do this under 30 mins.
But then I realize that I have to take my time, slow down, listen to the Doc & let the healing progress.

So I got home, took the dogs for a very long walk, enjoyed the morning even more. Then I sat and ICED my calf - soaked in a tub, then iced it again & rubbed in the anti-inflam cream.

I iced it again last night whilst watching the BBC World News unfold on the breaking story that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed in Pakistan. Rubbed more topical anti-inflam in and went to bed to ponder what this turn of events will bring.

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