Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dr Mackesy

What a day yesterday, working from home is always a treat. I still get up at 4 to let the dogs out & feed them, but damn it's a nice feeling being able to crawl back into bed til 6am.

I managed to get a lot of work done yesterday before I headed off to see the Doc & as usual he was wonderfully chatty, he reviews my file before I am called into see him. He asked about my up coming Marathon in Sept. He inquires as to my specific type of running shoe, my hurricanes. All the small things that some doctors don't look upon as important to make you feel like he was listening & cared & more importantly UNDERSTOOD what I was all about.

( Well good luck in that dept. but you know what I mean)

He listened to my explanation of the pain I was having. Asked if it happened after I went up a hill, and yes it did. He grabbed my leg and started running his fingers up and down where I had pointed out the issue. He felt a rather large divet in my leg, which I have as well, but never thought anything more of it than the area that was ripped.

Then he grabbed my other leg and started searching there. Now usually that's not a problem but I only shaved my left leg. *rolls eyes* I didn't have the inclination to shave both of them. Waattt? You can't tell me you haven't done that!! I bet you have! *grumbles*
Well luckily the didn't cut himself on my razor stubble & firmly declared PERIOSTITIS of the left tiba. Meaning the fiberous tissue between the bone and the muscle is inflammed. ( or most commonly called shin splints) but I've got them in the "proper" placement. Inside bottom of the calf rather than the frontal portion of the shin.
So I was precribed a topical cream with super duper active ingredients at 15% of whatever it is.
I can continue the cross training, keep icing it & resting & ease back into running.

So the fall marathon may still be on!!!

I sms'd Trish to tell her - her response was " Strange presentation"... however; considering the source is it really that "strange" & apparently it is not! ahahah.

Well that means I can throw myself 100% into cross training tonight. Theo says no more Princess Moments. One I have ONE moment & I'm labelled, sheesh!

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