Friday, April 15, 2011

Easy on the port bow.

Ahhh a rest night, I didn’t go swimming/cycling since Theo is still away & my calf muscle feels sore. Not the soleus but where I ripped the fascia last year. There was a small hematoma and some swelling. So last night I spent the night working in Chelsea’s room putting up pictures and her shelf; plus getting rid of the painting gear & double checking the wallpapering job.
The wall paper is still up. PHEW. I think the last time I did wallpapering was when Tony & I had our flat in Gillingham, Kent. Even then I think his parents were the driving force behind the success of it. However; Chels & I are happy with it. Now I realize I should have found the pattern & matched it up that way, but the double roll barely would have covered one full wall & at $50 a double roll- I wasn’t going to waste one centimeter of it.

After that I finally got to sit down and put my leg up with my ice bag, I also popped a motrin earlier in the day so it was feeling pretty good about an hour later.

I had a hot water bottle I was going to put under my leg, but I figured with swelling that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Now today is our typical Friday where Chels & I go out together and do some Mum / Daughter bonding: and then heading out to see her new English Bulldog puppy. Not sure how the heck I got talked into that, I really don’t. They were born about 2 weeks ago a litter of 5 females & unfortunately one passed away. Poor little dear, I think it was the one that I was holding, but then again I’ve always been very sensitive to beings that are dying. There is a disturbance in the energy around them. Apparently my dad had it too. We bonded over that while he was in the hospital dying of cancer. I think that’s what they call irony.

So tonight will be no workout, maybe yoga – depends on how I’m feeling.

Probably be feeling like having a fruit and nut choccie – but that’s a no-no. So I’ll have to be content with a nice warm cuppa something.

Saturday – Lots to do around the house. Sunday all being good I’ll try to hit 21 on the highway run. For whatever reason my mind can accept running there for that distance, I don’t want to exceed 21 in case of injury & I should really think of something that I can cut short, but I don’t do well with being told what to do, even by myself. I’ll have to negotiate with myself … LOL.

More as it happens.

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