Monday, April 4, 2011

The Morning after.

Sunday morning runs are groovy. Sunday morning runs are groovy. I like having my oatmeal in bed at 6am. I do I really really do. *sighs* I was still stinging from the disappointing showing I had at the Spring Run off. Even with the stats to prove I did okay. In my head, I didn't get my goal & I'm very good at post mortums. I know where I lost my time - why I lost my time - when I lost it... blah blah blah. Effin 7 k hill. Effing 3k hill. Effing breathing. And the gel I stuck down my sports bra - CHAFF.. actually I think it's past being chaffing it's gone right into layers of skin missing. Sting city. YOWSA. At any rate I was the first one into the RR other than Char, who was opening the store, and plunked my stuff down only to realize my Garmin was still in it's charger & my water bottle was on my counter top. SHIT SHIT SHIT... awesome. So I improvised with a Dansai water bottle I had. ppfft.. Then I checked my phone as I do pre run to see if there were any messages, Chelsea was working and just got home, so she may have had some pearl of wisdome, luckily not. Though Trish did SMS me to say she was heading down for a "run of sorts" so I figured ahhh I'll run with Trish, we haven't see each other for a while, we can chat & run & catch up. Unfortunately she's been doing mostly Crossfit Potential and not as much running so there would be no 21 k on the agenda. Sad but true. It was good to chat - I haven't had a Sunday run in a while where I could actually talk and run at the same time. WOOTWOOT.. And I must say it probably was a good thing too do the 9.4 k as well. I can feel my ITB tightening up. My goodness my left side of my body is just one big injury. Good gawd. Well I'm just going to have to get The Stick out and do some damage to that ITB. Thursday when I go swimming / cycling I'll use their foam roller. I'm going to run on Tuesday night rather than swim just to mix it up a bit. I'll see if Shannon can come out and play and see if I can keep up to her. Til the next post. Keep at 'er.

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