Monday, April 11, 2011

Not a jot tonight

Well tonight is a write off. I have no intentions of doing my yoga right now. None. I'm having my heart palpitations which is a side affect of my thryoid meds doseage being a wee bit too high. And when I say wee... it's probably unacceptablely high. And I know this as I've been given the finger wag by my GP & my endo. However; it's drop the doseage and feel like a dishrag dropped in a mud puddle or be the active person I was with a few inconveniences. ( high heart rate & palpitations) So I try to regulate my intake by not taking my doseage on the weekends. Then my pills ran out about 10 days ago and well ya know, I have this brain fog ... yeah. I just picked them up on Friday so I'm trying to get myself back on track and then back on the other track. Sheesh. Why do I do this to myself? WHy?? CUS I CAN!!! I'm an idiot. I know. I guess it's avoidance of what's in front of me and trying to forget what was behind me. I just want to be like I was.... but then I guess I've learned no lessons. Crap. Oh well. In a couple of weeks it'll be right as rain again. *she says with hope* ahhahaha

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