Sunday, April 10, 2011


I got up at 5am to let the dogs out and feed them, as is customary in our household. There is no such thing as a sleep in for me, however; I'm not grumbling. I went back to bed confident that my alarm would wake me up in roughly 90 mins time. But during that 90 minutes I had the weirdest dream - it involved Jenn R, Trish & a mariade of my running room pals & their canines. Jenn had a new dog and we were running along by Johnson's Beach. After much debate we said screw the run and jumped in the water, frolicking around madly with her pup. ( apparently the other dogs just disappeared). Then in the distance there was thunder and lightening. Trish was being the voice of reason and I did a Baywatch dive into the water to save.... BEEP BEEP BEEP... ech. So brekkie was eaten quickly as I was behind. I got my gear on, found my water bottle filled it up. Took Chelsea to work and headed to the RR. Parked up. Walked in. AND NO WATER BOTTLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! This has got to end, this missing water bottle crisis. Message for sure! I had planned 21.1 k doing the "highway run" - but last week was 9.4k and the week before was only 12 k. So a jump to 21 isn't wise, my calf ached and almost felt like the ripped fascia was back. So I scaled back the distance to 15 or so. I'd make the determination as I was running. I headed out towards the water & and near Vancouver I was over taken by the "elites" - yeah no one REALLY likes a show off, let alone a whole group of them. At any rate up Vancouver I ran they all took the flat fun "trail" meh. I almost caught up with them by the 1st concession and when I say almost I'm talking probably 400 meters or more in front of me. ahahah. I headed down the first concession and got my first walk break at the 5k mark. I decided that I would do that every 5 k - quick break - water and Halls. I started back up just passed the under pass for Thunder Bridge, when I started thinking "holy crap - the highway run really isn't that flat on the first concession, it's actually really hilly" and with that I shut down. I literally stopped running. My mental sound track ended and I just started to walk. Well, I said to myself, this will never do. You finish what you started. What would your virtual running partner say?" So I turned back on the mental sound track full blast. Delirious - by Prince and I started again. Damn it really is up hill, so I adjusted my pace and continued on. I could see the traffic on the 5/6th and said See not that far away. You can do it. Then I noticed what looked to be a blob running up the 1st con. towards the highway. Ahhh the elites. *grumble* So I decided 15 k would be awesome. I crossed over the 5/6th ran to the first house and it was exactly 7.52 k. ran back over and looked at the up hill I had to run. But you know it didn't look so bad when I figured that the hill I ran up last week at the 3k mark at the Spring Run off wasn't far off of it. Up I trotted. Determined to keep going until 10k. My Halls was getting smaller and smaller. It was going to have to be replaced. So close to Thunder Bridge I got my next walk break. My leg really was aching - but not bad enough to warrant any stoppages outside my walk break. I turned on to Ridge/Shanty Bay Road and headed back to Barrie with a new Halls in my mouth and Delirious playing over and over and over and over in my head. You'd think it would get annoying but, oddly enough, it doesn't. As I headed towards the hill on Shanty Bay rd I thought " hey why not take the trail?" so I answered " hey why not take the trail? I haven't run on it for a while, so... I was up and down on my pace - one time 5:40, then 6:50 then 6:01. I seemed to even off and hover around the 5:50 - 6:02 pace. When I turned on to the trail my Garmin read 11.94 k & I know the trail one way is 3k. So making my distance wouldn't be an issue. Phew. It had been raining lightly from about Shanty Bay onwards, but by the time I got the the end of the trail it was coming down steadily. My calf was achy - but very bearible. I managed the 15.02 k in 1:35:xx. My best pace 5:02 and my ave pace was 6:22. Not bad I'd say for a route that has a good number of hills Vancouver to midway up the 1st Conc. Tomorrow - Yoga. tonight - hot bath then an ice pack and hot pack on my leg. :) G'night all. Pleasant dreams.

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