Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running the "right way" on my Wednesday night route

As I arrived back from work I was sms'ing with Trish over some 'stuff' and she indicated that she would be running tonight, one Crestwood & back. Ack my Waterloo!! But being the trooper I am, I said sure, sign me up. Then as we were chatting Dave indicated he was joining our 6k adventure, but was nursing an injury, my whatever it's called was showing signs of a hematoma & some swelling, and it was decided to do the Church run. Less hills. AHAHAH.. Our twosome had become a threesome ( *snickers*) and then blossomed into a six-some. whaha. And off I went UP Owen Street - I turned around to make sure I had my pack and NADA... dammit.... they were doing it the right way. So I turned around and dashed off after them. I actually had a really good steady plod UP Blake Street << insert curse word>> was it ever a different run. But I concentrated on keeping the shoulders from bouncing, leaned forward a tad, had my arms in the right position ( most of the time) and just kept going. I didn't hear Trish yell for a walk break when we got to Coderington/Puget/Blake... So I kept running - the realized I was alone. Again. My calf did ache a lot & I tried to keep the pace steady and not too fast. I thought running it backwards was all uphill the first half, but so is this way. I'm not sure how that's possible. LOL. Welcome to Barrie. The second half is when I start to get into the move & groove. My mojo is doing it's thing and the running feels like there is nothing else around you. Nothing else happening in your life. Shoulders were relaxed as best as possible. As little movement in my shoulders as possible. Trish & Fiona caught up to Dave & I at the bottom of Theresa. As much as I don't run up that hill at vast knotts of speed, but I don't run down hill with a lot of agression. We did 5.74 km in 37 min. prolly the walk breaks. LOL. Bless Trish I love that gal. I wish I could have run with her tonight, but the ills of the day needed to be cleansed from within. I just learned we won a big contract for the product I am the Ops PM for. It's about 65,000 insurance agents. My heart hasn't stopped pounding. I know my team & we'll cope. One at a time. Got home and finshed wallpapering Chelsea closet so now it's a two toned animal print wall papered closet. *shrugs* It's not my room... Til tomorrow.

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