Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As the old saying goes....

While the cat's away the mouse will play, in this case, just sit and decompress. Theo is out and about for a marathon & isn't here today, so I'm taking the opportunity to just sit down and breath out the day I've had. My plan was to run instead of cycle & swim, but Chelsea is out with a friend tonight and I just need the quiet. I took the dogs for a walk with a running buddy, Wayne and his pooch Angel, it was a good walk. Kees was acting up a bit, but after a Cesar inspired compliance / submission position he got his good sense back. So I managed a bit of dinner, sat and watched Murder, She Wrote and now just some shhhhhh time. aahhh. I'll be on form for tomorrow & back in the saddle ( literally) on Thursday. I'll try my run again but not sure frontwards or backwards. Maybe I'll do the bus run ... Ahhh that's the grand thing about not having a clinic you can do your own thing, but yet at the same time it doesn't provide me with the structure I like. Perhaps I'll just surprise myself & start a few hills and try to strengthen my legs. However; I would greatly appreciate less northerly winds.

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