Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A sure sign of spring

What glorious night for a run, just a touch of cool wind in the air some fab running friends gathering at the Forest and their canine companions & the desire to get out on the trails. I packed up Chelsea, Mika and Kees into the Tribute and headed out. CHelsea was going to walk with Steph ( T & S's Aussie Sheila) and Kees and I was going to do a nice little run with Mika and whomever. My partner in many crimes arrived in her sporty red go fast but looks good when Joannie drives it car. TfB, Sandra, Patti,Bill, Cathy, Rickmac, Wayne, Cindy & Greg. Plus Lucky, Gallie, Lilly, Mika and Kees. Off we went. Cindy and I stuck together as I'm not really certain about my trail legs as of yet & didn't want to rip, tear or fracture anything yet. ( well not at all really, but especially not the first run of the season). We were very inconsistent with our running/walking but that's okay. It was just about being out there really. Gosh how I've missed trails. Last year I had to walk the whole season, Mika would take off with the runners, Kees being a good boy would stick with me & I'd walk the main trail. Generally due to the fact I have the directional sense of a lemming. So we chatted, walked, ran, ran, walked, chatted. Caught up on things, discussed the year of racing - which for me will be a very very select few. Perhaps a marathon in the states and a few trail runs here in the Keeping it Beautiful Province of Ontario. I'm just excited to be out and about really. I will never ever do that again. I will never ignore an injury ever again. We got to 7.01k in 1:06 which is fine. I had some pain in my calf near where the fascia tear was, but nothing horrible. As a matter of fact it seemed to get much better as we approached the 5K mark, which is normally when I start coming alive on a run. I really enjoyed that run! I love my time with Cindy & I hold her very dear to my heart. Plus it was such a lovely evening. Now next week I probably won't be out as Theo should be back from the Netherlands by that point in time and I think he said we'll be in the gym until his work starts, which is the May 2-4 weekend. After that I think we'll be outside running speed drills etc. *throws up a bit* I can't imagine what speed workouts with Theo will be like. Actually I can and it's scaring the shit out of me. LOL. But as I've found out over the last few years of my life, what doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger. I thank the universe everyday for all the great things I've been given & I do not take one day for granted. And I'm really hoping to get to the trails because the Icecream Hut is open now... that means I can get some frozen yogurt. Sandra brought cheese and yummy flax seed crackers. I'm lactose intolerant. The cheese was very good. The side effects, not so charming. It's FOOD ... I love food some days. So make hay while the sun shines. Some days I don't feel like eating at all, so might as well enjoy it when I do. Have a happy evening and a great tomorrow.

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