Monday, April 18, 2011

Batten down the hatches - we're in for a stormy ride

I did it ... I really really did it. Wednesday night's run was the straw that broke the camels back. GOD I'M AN EEDJIT... ggrr...
I have been experiencing more than acceptable levels of pain in my calf near where I had originally put the tear in my fascia, and it wasn't the muscular pain that I'm used to. A few minutes of downward dog and I'm usually tickety boo.
This was a little more cause for worry.

So as I was leaving the Running Room I kept thinking, by the time I get home, it'll be okay. It'll be all right. << to be said in a thick Aussie accent>>
Well it wasnt.
I could see a bit of bruising. DRAT !!!!!!!

So Thursday I cried off spinning & swimming. I rested and iced my leg. I know ... miracle of miracles.

Sunday it wasn't much better, but that could because I was poking at it all the time rubbing and pinching the area. Whoopsie.
So I called my good pal Trish Brunelle to have a looksie at it to make sure I hadn't put another tear in the fascia.
She couldn't feel any tear, oh thank you God!! Thank YOU!!
But there was some swelling - perhaps compartment syndrom ( Basically the muscle is swollen with in the fascia & since fascia does't expand.. the swelling cuts off circulation within the muscles blah blah blah)

Now Google is a dangerous tool in the hands of the wrong person, I'll grant you that. So far I haven't self diagnosised the bubonic plague but I'm sure over time, I'll figure out how to work that into my health issues. :)

I don't have "pins & needles" tingling in the muscle, I have pain and it's not localized, it'll jump around. At first I thought I was friggin crazy. I mean it hurt that this morning, why has the pain jumped about 4 inches. ACK!!! But that's part of the symptoms. I don't have the tight shiny skin to indicate heavy swelling. So... perhaps I'm lucky?

At any rate - I was sent off with some protocols to do to strengthen the opposing muscles that the Alfredson does. Which is simply walking on my heels. I did that from my desk to the kitchen at work and HOLY CRAP... burn my shins or WHAT!
Some massage techniques and how to manipulate the fascia.
I had my leg up, ice on it and I've had two super duper strength Motrins. They are amazing pain killers. Wowsie wowsers.
So I think I may take the week off of running/spinning/swimming/trails completely. I know I was told I could swim/cycle but I figure a week off - can't hurt.

I KNOW... this is me talking here!! I have finally learned something? Have I finally decided to listen to my body & let pain be my guide. OH THANK THE UNIVERSE I'M SITTING DOWN FOR THIS!!

Who knew this day would ever come.

I bet my father didn't! LOL.

More as the week progresses.

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  1. Listen to your body because if you ignore it, it really starts screaming and carrying on!!!! A rest will do you good, though I know you don't know what "rest" means :).
    Stay inspired!