Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nancy Drew solves the mystery.

I was getting ready for my Thursday night routine of cycling & swimming, I gathered up my gear

  • shoes (newly washed... had too old shoes, bad smell

  • towels

  • bathing suit

  • clothes to change into

  • elastic hair band

Then I ducked into the powder room on the main floor to uhmmm well... you know... tinkle & there it was, my Nathan water bottle. Obviously I forgot it in the bathroom on Sunday when I well... you know... had to tinkle.


I got to the gym and climbed on the bike I figured I'd take it easy on myself seeing as Theo wasn't here; that didn't happen. It started out as a cadence work out then i added hills in to it. I think the last 10 minutes I had turned the tension up to an 8 then the last 5 up to a 10. I had sweat dripping off me there was a puddle on the floor. Lots of truck stop language was coming out of my mouth. Well more muttered when the boot camp instructor (the gym runs a boot camp Thursday nights) changed the music from a chippy Euro techno mix to ohh what's his name Ka'an? The waving flag guy. Geezzz I can NOT stand that song. Really and truly. Yeah for him he got out - he struggled for survival... but uhmm it just does nothing for me except get my gander up.

Then off to do core and stretching. I tried using the "ball" holy crap. I have to work on that - I wasn't that successful. Maybe the ball was too big for what I wanted to do?! No clue. But yeah, awkward. It was about 8:10 when I finished doing my stretches and had to race down I was meeting Kevin at 8:15 for swimming.

I didn't go with a game plan, I just went to do some swimming and maybe do some drills and technique. I didn't have the desire to do hardcore swimming, luckily for me cause my lane partner ain't the quickest of swimmers. Oh well. It gave me the opportunity to do the pencil drill where by i try to keep my body pencil straight and half way out of the water. I find I drag too much. I'm not sure how to fix that, but I'll do some research on it. Coach Rob says to do that drill, so ...

Did a lot of arms only laps because if I didn't I would have lapped Kevin and that's not really what I wanted to do. It's a bit disheartening especially when he's trying so hard. The man is a freak on the asphalt and a stone in the water. Poor little dude.

Tomorrow night - try to get some dancing in to keep the other parts of me fit & grooving. They say that a majority of knee & leg injuries come from having weak hips. So a few hours on the dance floor should help keep them strong. LMAO... Woot woot.

Til the next time.

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