Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday night - meh

Managed to leave work "sorta" on time, messaged Theo and we were on for our cycle & a small swim. Woot woot. My leg has been healing up quite nicely after letting it rest up last week. So I was happy to actually go to the gym, even if it was with Theo. AHAHAHA.

As I parked up my vehicle I realized I had forgotten my swim suit so back home I went. ACK!! I mean really, who packs up their gym bag and forgets their essentials? Me obviously. But it's a good thing I did, I was about to message Theo to say I could be late when I noticed my calendar light up. I checked it and BAM... my appt. with Dr Mackey said Wednesday NOT Thursday as I had originally thought. Geez louise!!

Back at the gym Theo and I pratted around to get our bikes "just right" and off we went for an easy ride. ahahah. whatever.

I already had the tension on about a 5 I would think. THen Theo introduced cadence ... ohhhh man!!!!!! The sweat was pouring off me, salt was stinging my eyes. Dammit man!!! I'm a human being NOT a machine. ggrrr.. did it. Even turned the tension up when told to.

So half an hour of that and then off to do core and stretching. Why does it always seem that the last 20 minutes goes the fastest? Got some good core in, probably should go a bit faster, but I think it's about targeting the muscle group properly and not speed. Quality over quantity. pppffffffftttttt...

The pool was annoyingly busy. half the pool was closed for private lessons. Seriously? EBCC ... What are you doing? It was heaving for fitness swim last night. and only 4 lanes? Are they on crack? Theo and I were completely unable to do any drills because the two lanes for SLOW had some seriously SLOW people in it. Walking in the water. The one lane of Medium where we ended up was right beside the FAST lane and getting jostled and bumped... my patience level was tettering at the empty mark.
So rather than 1000 meters of drills we ended up doing 500 meters. I pulled the princess card and out of the pool we got. Headed over to the pee pool and sat for half and hour and chatted. It's probably exactly what I needed as I'm finding it more and more difficult to leave me work at the office.

Theo's got a good head on his shoulders when it comes to the que sera sera of employment. I gotsta get me some of that.

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