Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Case of the Missing Nathan Water Bottle

I can NOT find my Water Bottle anywhere. EEK.. I had it Sunday morning when I cleaned it out from Saturday's race & I swore I put it on the counter, but this "fog" that I live in, gosh it could be anywhere. I may have even dropped it out of my bag on the way to the running room, or even in the RR. Who knows. I'll put my best Nancy Drew frock on and figure this mystery out. The weather was smiling upon us runners this evening, why some were even in shorts. I'm waiting for Roger to put his singlet on next week. LOL. I got to the RR - had a look around to see if there were any possible running partners & nairy a one to be found, so I took off on my own. A little nudge from Rickymac to get my butt in gear and off I went. I did my route- I managed to get 7/8 up Theresa. Had a bit of a walk break and then off I went again. I forgot my Garmin so I have no idea what I was doing pace wise but by my breathing I was 5:50 ish. I decided since I couldn't time my run then I would try for endurance - I didn't take a walk break ( after Theresa) until about the Nelson Stairs which is erhmm 4 - 4.5 k. And it was a walk break that would be worthy of Theo, throw a bit of water down my gullet and off again. My calf was letting me know that the hill was an effort, but the soleus maintained and it's just that stupid calf muscle pull. I did a few minutes of downward dog at the RR - and it's pretty much gone & I think with some more Yoga / downward dog etc tomorrow after cycling I'll be feeling much better. Came home and had a small bite to eat. I started some basmati rice with curry, corriander and cumin spices in it. Chelsea did some broccoli & asparagus and I stir fried some curried tofu. So I have had my protein, carbs and veggies. Not enjoying the food, but you gotta eat apparently. Ohhh and I ran into Leanne & Brenda after, they do the same route as I do Wednesdays & asked if I could join them. I have no illusion that I'll be keeping up with them, but I do need to start running with faster runners. I told them that I had no expectations that they wait for me, but I need the motivation. They said it was okay. I'm very happy. And soon trails will be ready for running. I can't wait.

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